Uganda is the equatorial state of Africa. It is well known not only by tourists-extremals, but also by the coffee lovers. On the territory of a small state, beautiful varieties of arabica are grown, which are definitely worth a try. Original arabica with an interesting taste from this African country was a pleasant discovery for a lot of people. We definitely advise you to try coffee from Uganda and share your impressions.


Burundi is a small, landlocked state in Central Africa. In Burundi mainly Arabica is grown. A component that ensures a good harvest is mulching - laying the soil around tree trunks with leaves or mowed grass. Mulching not only preserves soil moisture and protects it from weeds, but also adds organic matter to the soil. According to experts, mulching increases the density of coffee beans, which is one of the signs of a quality crop!


Malawi is a small mountainous country in eastern Africa, whose territory stretches along the western shore of Lake Nyasa. The first coffee was planted in Malawi by the British at the end of the 19th century. Most types of coffee from Malawi are of good quality. This is a full-bodied arabica with a mild flavor and a pleasant aroma. Malawi is a member of the East African Association of Selected Coffee Producing Countries.


Zambia is a state in South Africa. Zambia has no access to the sea, most of its territory is located on a plateau. The coffee industry in the country is very young. Coffee from Zambia, with its small volumes, is appreciated by experts because it differs in its variety, from tart coffee resembling Kenyan varieties to balanced one, with many aromas and notes.


Sumatra - is a large island of the Indonesian archipelago, located in the equatorial region of Southeast Asia. The favorable climate of this area and soils rich in minerals are ideal for obtaining incomparable coffee on this island, so it rightfully received the status of one of the best and very popular products of the world coffee industry!


Bali is part of the Malay Archipelago and is located approximately 8 ° south of the Equator. Here, the coffee is grown on small farms. Growing plantations in Bali are located in the North and in the Center of the island. Coffee trees prefer to grow in the highlands, as this is the area with the most favorable conditions for growth. Coffee on this island is considered a sacred drink!


Java is the main island of the Republic of Indonesia, which in terms of population is on the 4th place in the world and is the largest island state in the world. The natural and climatic conditions of Jawa are excellent for growing coffee trees. For some time now, on the island there has been a division of coffee plantations into public and private sectors. Private plantations, although poor, do not enjoy such a high reputation as public ones, but the coffee that grows there is delicious!



Komodo is dry and hilly, covered with bushes, as in the savannah, its shores are surrounded by rough, swift currents and whirlpools, giving it a certain attractiveness. Quite a lot of coffee on this island is grown on large farms. Most of the plantations are located in the eastern part.

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