Zambia Chandesi Small Lot, Washed, Scr. 18/20, Arabica

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We found a family that has been committed to growing arabica for three generations. Their farm, located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, is today managed by the founder’s grandson Ben Zukas.


Coffee with juicy acidity and a dense body. Absolutely universal in application. Due to its dense body and rich taste, it will be an excellent addition to a premium mix. It will be a great analogue of Salvador or an exotic offer from Africa for lovers of a more balanced and dense coffee. One can feel notes of walnut and dark chocolate in coffee.


Very light (Specialty): 9/10
Light (Filter, V60, Aeropress): 9/10
Medium (Espresso, Mocha, French-press): 9/10
Dark (Turkish): 7/10

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