Uganda Kilembe AB, Natural, Scr. 16/17, Arabica

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Some experts believe that the coffee grown in the same area with cocoa acquires the aroma of this plant. The Kilembe coffee farms in the Kasese region boast such neighborhood. A height of 1350 meters is ideal for both coffee plantations and cocoa cultivation.


Uganda Kilembe AB is one of the most dense and balanced arabica. It has no analogues! Due to its low acidity, large screen and excellent humidity, it is easy to fry. Great coffee for both blend and monosort. This coffee variety from Uganda is known for its balanced, full-bodied taste with notes of honey, dried apricots, caramel and vanilla flavor.


Very light (Specialty): 8/10
Light (Filter, V60, Aeropress): 9/10
Medium (Espresso, Mocha, French-press): 8/10
Dark (Turkish): 8/10

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