Malawi Nkhatabay AA, Washed, Scr. 16/18, Arabica

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68 farmers who are members of the "Small Farms" - cooperative from Nkhata Bay, northern Malawi, has been growing coffee since the time of the English colonies, but already without regard to the colonialists. Farms are located at an altitude of about 1400-1450 meters above sea level.


Pure coffee with high-quality, citrus acidity and a pleasant smooth body. It will be a good addition to the assortment of any company, both in the filter and in espresso roasting. The aroma of this variety contains fruit and sweet notes.


Very light (Specialty): 8/10
Light (Filter, V60, Aeropress): 9/10
Medium (Espresso, Mocha, French-press): 9/10
Dark (Turkish): 7/10

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