Java Preanger, Washed, Scr. 17/19, Arabica

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Only 55 tons per year can be collected by 79 farmers of the cooperative Gabungan Kelompok Tani Arjuna. Preanger coffee farms are located at an altitude from 1,300 to 1,600 meters above sea level.


Pure coffee with a spicy, floral bouquet. This lot surprised us with clean descriptors of spices with high-quality berry acidity. It will be a great addition to your line in absolutely any roasting. The finished drink is soft and even delicate, with a long-lasting aftertaste.


Very light (Specialty): 9/10
Light (Filter, V60, Aeropress): 9/10
Medium (Espresso, Mocha, French-press): 9/10
Dark (Turkish): 9/10

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